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We have the best cafe in the Alpharetta area: delicious coffee drinks, craft sodas, yummy sandwiches and superb salads, including gluten-free & lactose-free options sure to make you say, “I love it this place!” Our location offers indoor and outdoor dining, take-out service on a scratch-based, chef-driven dining experience.


The Chicken Quesadilla

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HAnd-Crafted Beverages


The Deep South Salad


Cold Plates

Hummus platter:: garlic & herb hummus with haricot verts, cucumber, carrots,red cabbage, sumach, saffron oil, a dollop of heirloom tomato jam & pita bread 11

The Gobbler:: oven-roasted turkey, avocado, red onion, basil mayo, sprouts, tomato & swiss cheese on your choice of bread or honey-buttermilk biscuit 11.5

Cobb Salad:: house blend of mixed greens, edamame, bacon, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, bleu cheese crumbles & green goddess dressing 11 / side 7

Southwest Salad:: curly green baby kale, roasted corn, avocado, black beans, chopped roma tomatoes, green onion, curly carrots, fried tortilla strips, habanero ranch dressing & a lime wedge 12

Add to a salad

Garlic & herb hummus  3.5     Grass-fed beef 7   

Warm grilled chicken  5        Shrimp 7    

Cold carved turkey 6             Salmon 7

House-made Salad dressings

Asher Georgia bleu cheese, Green goddess, Raspberry-balsamic vinaigrette, Citrus vinaigrette, Habanero ranch & Honey dijon mustard

Hot Plates

Deep South Salad:: curly green baby kale, fried green tomato, red onion, sprouts, cucumber & goat cheese & honey dijon mustard 12.5

Free-Range Chicken Wings :: your choice of: tabasco ranch, spiced lemon-pepper sauce or sweet ginger sauce 1/2 lb  6.5/ 1 lb 13

Loaded Crispy Fried Onions:: battered and beautifully seasoned fried onions piled high with gorgonzola, balsamic glaze, hickory smoked bacon & green onions 7.5

Chicken Quesadilla:: grilled seasoned chicken, house-made black bean puree, american cheese & goat cheese crumbles in a charred flour tortilla served with ancho crema on a bed of lettuce 14.5

Grilled Veggie Panini:: swiss cheese, grilled portobello mushrooms,  summer squash, roasted red peppers & arugula on a pressed sandwich 13

Barbecue Glazed Salmon:: sweet & smoky salmon with seasonal veggies on a bed of creamy grits 16

Build Your Burger

Choose your protein, bread & add-ons.  Comes with a side.


On the side

sweet plantains 3

spiral-cut fries 3

savory tostones 3

crispy fried onions 3

Fried green tomatoes 4                

Seasonal fruit salad 4

garlic & herb  hummus 3.5      

cucumber-tomato salad 3.5

House chips 3                                     


Cajun Style Shrimp & Grits:: 5 jumbo shrimp in a spicy pepper sauce piled on a bed of creamy grits 14

Chicken & Waffles:: Golden-fried chicken on a fluffy, crispy waffle served with habanero-infused maple syrup 12.5

Buttermilk Pancakes :: A double stack of pancakes dusted with powdered sugar and served with butter and whipped cream 7 Short stack 5

The Gallery Special:: Two eggs scrambled with a buttermilk biscuit, two slices of hickory smoked bacon, & a serving of fruit salad  9

Chef Q’s Killer Biscuit:: Cajun fried chicken, heirloom tomato jam, sprouts, and a balsamic glaze nestled in a fluffy buttermilk biscuit 10

Oats & Fruit:: Hearty whole grain oats lightly sweetened with brown sugar or honey & seasonal fruit 7

OMG-Omelette:: Light and fluffy omelette with fixings available. 4.5

A-La Carte

Buttermilk Biscuit:: Flaky, buttery & scratch-made 3

Grits:: Creamy, dreamy grits piled with cheese 3.5

Sausage:: Well-seasoned breakfast pork sausage 3

Bacon:: 2 thick slices of hickory-smoked bacon 3

Fresh Baked Treats Ask your server for our daily selection

Children’s Menu       


Your Pick:

Chicken Tenders:: Three strips of battered & golden-fried chicken

Grilled Cheese:: Creamy cheese melted between slices of Vienna white bread

Cheeseburger:: Junior version of our classic burger with lettuce & cheese

Pizza Mozzarella:: Ripe tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese on a thin crust


proudly serving Cloudland coffees

Cold Drinks

Fountain Drinks

Green Iced Tea        Iced Tea          Lemonade    Stubborn Sodas                                   

Ask your server for our selection of bottled waters


Caffe Greco:: Double espresso frothed in the mixer & served with ice

Cappuccino Greco:: espresso and milk frothed in the mixer & served with ice

Half And Half Summer:: espresso and ice softened in the mixer with cold chocolate


vanilla, chocolate, mint, caramel

extra shot of espresso

add coconut, soy or almond milk

Hot Drinks

Macchiato Caldo:: espresso with hot emulsified milk

Marocchino Caldo:: espresso, hot chocolate, cocoa powder, and hot milk

Cappuccino:: espresso with abundant hot emulsified milk

Caffe Latte:: espresso swirled with hot milk

Caffe Mocha::  espresso rich with milk and chocolate notes

Americano:: The flavor of espresso in the fullness of a coffee cup

Caffe Filtro:: Brewed Cloudland coffee available in regular and decaf

Hot Chocolate:: Sweet & Velvety chocolate

Hot Teas:: Ask your server about our flavor rotation

Chai Coconut Milk:: Creamy coconut milk with the warmth of chai spices

Kim’s Studio Tea::  This twist on a London Fog includes Earl Grey, cardamom, vanilla and fresh mint.